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Jobatory is a full-service CRM specifically built for the
garbage can cleaning professional looking to grow 
their recurring customer base.
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Main Features

Kick start a brand new business, or send an existing business to the next level with these powerful features.
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Our team believes in a simple concept. The last impression, is the lasting impression.


Powerful tools. Thoughtful engineering. Finally, the ultimate all-in-one platform for our industry.


Start fresh with key components to get up and running.

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What's included:
Dashboard Analytics
Real-time data hub showcasing KPIs of the business.
Robust system that supports multiple drivers, daily tasks and ease of rescheduling.
Service Zone Selection
Build a precise service area and over time, expand & scale into new areas.
A powerful automation to optimize for the most efficient route for each driver, with further customization in the build-a-route system.
Service Package Management 
Create unique service packages to customize pricing, frequencies, pick up days and more.
Customer Management System 
Easily manage all customer details in one place, and a user-friendly customer sign up form that is easily integratable with your website.
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Everything from Premium, plus:
Unlimited Fleet Capacity
Automatically add more trucks and drivers at any time.
Unlimited Features 
Unlock the full arsenal of features & analytics.
Customer App
Downloadable app iOS & Android capable for customer convenience.
Premium Role Management System
Customisable roles and privileges that follows big teams organisation and hierarchy.
Stand Alone Software
Optional dedicated Jobatory application.
Marketing Services
Giftcards, websites, lead generation, digital ads, Google Analytics, SEO, brand identity, truck wrap designs and more.
Driver App + Offline
Dedicated iOS app includes offline functionality. Complete routes regardless of signal strength.
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Our goal is to be the ultimate choice for a user friendly, data-driven platform that provides 
high level automations & insights into any can cleaning business.
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A few key advantages of using the Jobatory Platform.


1-click to automate your day, or manually build a custom schedule.

Structured Customer Communications

Notifications for every instance, from driver enroute to referral earned alerts.

Centralized Information Database

One hub for all things customer related. A dedicated customer app for iOS.

Track in-field 

Driver time clock & break schedule gives insight to daily progress.


Powerful analytics to understand all areas of the business.

Increased Customer Retention

Abandoned cart features & payment failed triggers to earn new & retain existing customers.


Lock down, back up, encrypt private information. Consistently updated system components.

Forecast & 

Unlimited customer and driver capacity with a revolutionized organizational system.

Jobatory Platform

Integration of four dynamic systems to formulate a cohesive, all-in-one CRM platform.

Admin Portal

At the heart of the platform is the administrator portal. Control & understand the business from dashboard analytics to billing.

Utilize a comprehensive package of tools designed to save admin time & effectively manage a can cleaning business customer base.
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Customer Portal

Reduce time spent on admin work & eliminate time-consuming phone calls. With the customer portal, give the customer ability to update payment info, service plan details, job history, profile updates and much more. Accessible by browser or Jobatory's proprietary mobile application.
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Driver App

Drivers have a dedicated device app to run routes and separate work from personal. Submit onsite comments, note missing cans, take before & after photos which get auto-uploaded to the customers portal.
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Customer Sign Up Form

User friendly sign up form to gather all necessary data to get the customer scheduled & paid. Easily integratable with a website. Equipped with an abandoned cart feature, this is a truly automated process from customers initial discovery to paying customer.
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Common questions within the bin cleaning industry, methodically resolved by the Jobatory platform.
Jobatory has a "blackout" feature which allows you to black out hauler specific & national holidays on a calendar. The system will auto reschedule all jobs falling on those days. Have seasonal shut downs for winter? We also allow for selecting blocks of time where no jobs nor billing will take place. No rescheduling headaches every winter season!
During the sign up process, Jobatory allows the customer to choose all days in the week which their bins are emptied. Within the admin portal, admin can choose which day to set as the scheduled day. This allows for the ability to set service to same day or next day for all customers.
Within each service visit there is capability to schedule a bin based on its pickup day & frequency. All types of cans that are scheduled for cleaning are considered a job. Every type of can scheduled for cleaning will be same day or day after pickup, depending on business settings.
One of the key features that set Jobatory apart from the rest, is the ability to draw specific "zones" on the map. Draw these zones with any type of business variable in mind (neighborhood population, proximity to restaurants, waste hauler routes, etc). Precision of drawing on a map can be as detailed as allowing one side of the sidewalk and denying the other. Target the areas you want to service, and avoid the rest.
If a potential customer discontinues the sign up process at the payment page, Jobatory uses the power of automation to send them a periodic friendly reminder via email and/or sms to complete sign up.
Customers have their own portal where they can do many things: add/remove bins, change cleaning frequency, see their referral link, update payment info and much more. They even have their own unique login credentials & a forgot password link if needed.
Admin can set a driver to a specific route. From the optimizer, Jobatory will auto-optimize each drivers specific route. If you still want more control over your daily routes, Jobatory allows for 100% rapid customization to build & tweak a route for ultimate control over your route efficiency.

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